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We offer Personal Shopper Services locally but also in countries where we have established partnerships.  

Our direct “Personal Shopper Service” is available for the area of Barcelona, Spain, although, under particular conditions, it can be extended to other regions of Spain. 

 To benefit from our “Worldwide Personal Shopper Service” in other locations or countries,  feel free to contact us. We will be glad to reach out to our most suitable and dynamics partners of eXp or GMA (Global Marketing Agents).

Who is the Real Estate Personal Shopper?

The Real Estate Personal Shopper (REPS) is also known as the Buyer’s Agent. Unlike the general real estate agent, who is paid by the Seller, the REPS works exclusively for the Buyer.

For the Buyer, this role provides two main advantages:

  • There can be no conflict of interest since there exists no contractual relationship with the Seller. The REPS maintains at all time the best interest of the Buyer.
  • The REPS is free to direct the search un-restrictively (of source, agency, etc…), thus, to access and exploit the entirety of the targeted real estate market. Such an approach allows the Buyer optimal chances to identify the right property earlier and potentially have a wider selection to work from.

How does the REPS service work?

The first step is to identify the precise needs and expectations of the Buyer. The REPS can assist in estimating the viability of the search as well as suggesting through his experience ideas that the Buyer may not consider spontaneously. The REPS can also inform the Buyer about relevant opportunities, especially for investments, in the targeted market. Based on the realistic criteria defined with the Buyer, the REPS begins the search. This comprises of:
  • actively looking for the right property,
  • assessing the products that the Buyer has selected or previously researched on their own.

What does the work of the REPS entail?

Filtering the market, selecting, and approving the properties demands a significant amount of research work and time. It involves searching and selecting the best opportunities, inquiringand analyzing their value, making appointments, and doing visits on behalf of the Buyer. The REPS cares for all these tasks and is entrusted with eliminating any properties that may not match the Buyer’s criteria or that may present some issues present or future, including in relation with the building in which the units are located. When the right opportunity is identified, the REPS also manages the negotiation for the reservation and purchase. Having no interest in any commission from the Seller or their agents, nor receiving any remuneration other than from the Buyer, the REPS maintains at all time and exclusively the best interest of the Buyer at heart. The absence of connection or relationship with the Seller ensures that there exists no conflict of interest and, hence, that the negotiation is conducted by the REPS to only benefit the Buyer. Once an agreement on the price has been reached, the REPS will assist the Buyer throughout all the next steps that follow the property reservation through the actual signature of the purchase deeds.

What are the other advantatges of hiring a Personal Shopper?

Some Buyers have the false perception that the employment of a REPS represents an additional cost in the purchase of their future property. In fact, working with a REPS can allow the Buyer to save a considerable amount of money but also of time.

No need to travel as often

Save worries, time & money

Take advantage of good opportunities

Avoid technical & legal issues

If the Buyer does not live in Barcelona, they would need to travel here to visit, sometimes several times, the selected properties until the best candidate has been identified.
Regardless of where the Buyer lives, searching for the right property, making the appointments, organizing the visits, and going to the viewings takes a lot of time, and time often IS money.

With a REPS, a visit to Barcelona is organized only when a property that best matches the Buyer´s criteria is selected, in order to evaluate and validate this final choice. The REPS will arrange such a visit and accompany the Buyer.

Even if the Buyer is glad to travel to Barcelona regularly, we can testify that looking for a property can become a very demanding experience. By having a REPS who attends all steps on behalf of the Buyer, you will be reassured that the search progresses in the best possible conditions, taking full advantage of the knowledge and competences of the REPS.

Indeed, the Buyer will be able to concentrate solely, objectively and undistractedly, on the analysis of the shortlisted properties and, finally, with minimal stress on making their final decision. Most people may actually prefer to attend a few relevant visits, and, meanwhile, enjoy their time in this beautiful city rather than chasing agents and coordinating appointments.

There are also many aspects that must be considered when purchasing a property. Some are legal, other may relate to technical and structural elements in the property or by extension in the building.

A REPS who knows what to look at, what to inspect, and which questions to ask when visiting a property in this market, environment, areas, etc., will ensure that there are no issues arising at the last moment, which can be at the time of the purchase, when the Buyer has already invested some money, or even much later, and may lead to significant future expenses.

And last but not least: good properties sell quickly. A good opportunity, whether in terms of price, location, or features, disappears from the market within days.
Not being able to arrange a quick visit for logistic reasons, may result in losing a very good purchase. A REPS is always able to visit quickly and advise the Buyer to move fast, if needed.

How can our Real Estate Personal Shoppers further help you?

In addition to the benefits cited above, our experience can provide any Buyer with better guarantees of success and of “Peace of Mind” in regard to their purchase:

1. Experience

We have accumulated many years of experience in looking for properties specifically in Barcelona (and its surroundings). This experience is not limited to Buyers who are interested in a primary or secondary residence, but also extends to companies or individuals looking for investment opportunities (flips, long term investments, buildings, rentals, etc.). We have successfully worked with several investors who looked for the best flip or buy-to-let operations. This range of products and clients translates into a 360º knowledge in the various types of operations. Indeed, we can often suggest additional and more advantageous ways to match your needs, your objectives and search for the most adequate property, some that you may not be informed about.

2. Multilingual

Not many real estate agents here speak true fluent English. If the Buyer is not fluent in Spanish, it can prove difficult for them to understand what agents are explaining during the visits, and especially those nuances that may hint at some potential issues. Further, when planning the purchase of a property, many aspects (technical, administrative, legal…) must be taken into consideration for the security of the Buyer’s investment. The Buyer must therefore be attentive or assisted adequately to grasp what they are being told. We speak English, French, and Italian at a native level. And of course, we are very fluent in Spanish.

3. Collaborators

We have a full team of collaborators, who can support the Buyer with any possible needs. This includes architects and builders who can add their own expertise. They can inspect the property to verify that there are no meaningful issues, such as structural defaults, or, if any problem is detected, that the Buyer is informed about their consequences, such as possible renovations and works. We also work with multilingual lawyers who have assisted our clients in all the legal aspects of the purchase, multilingual financial experts who can provide support for the Buyer´s operation, such as finding the best mortgage option (if needed), or creating a company for an investment, etc… Depending on the operation and the nature of their services, we have pre-negotiated a special fee for our clients. We also remain at their side, working with them, at all stages of the process they are entrusted with.

4. Dedication

We are a small agency, and this allows us to be very dedicated to our clients. We do not disperse our energy among dozens of clients. As a result, we often establish a long-term relationship with our clients. Feedback from our previous clients (including the Personal Shopper ones) are available here.

5. Refurbishing

We have an extensive experience in refurbishing properties. Purchasing a property to renovate can offer some advantages. We can advise any Buyer in their choice, may it be between a new property, one already renovated, or to be renovated. We can also advise on the best options based on our assessment of a choice with or without renovation and provide an estimate of the final budget. Additionally, if a Buyer purchases a property in need of lighter cosmetic upgrading or other repairs, they can be reassured that we can also take care of everything for them with the highest level of quality for the most competitive fee, so the Buyer can proceed with the purchase without concerns on how to address the future changes.

6. Buy-to-let

Many of our clients have purchased properties to later rent them out and benefit from an added and stable income. If this is the goal of the Buyer, we can support them by advising and directing them towards the types of properties that would rent out optimally, in regard to income and occupation. We rely on collaborators of proven efficiency, experience, and competitive fees. Their methods ensure maximized rental levels and a reservation system that reduces idle periods. They can manage all aspects and needs of the rental, without the Buyer having to worry about any of it (including repairs, visits, etc.) or having to deal directly with the various tenants.

7. Rolls-Royce Enthusiasts’ Club

Our services to international clients were selected early in 2015 by the Rolls-Royce Enthusiasts’ Club. An article about our activities, model and philosophy was published in the book “Rolls-Royce Enthusiasts’ Club 2015; Celebrating 90 years of The Phantom”. Rolls Royce do not accept spontaneous applications, they select their partners themselves, based on the quality of their services, which must be “best of”. Since then, we have grown and learnt a lot more, adapting continuously to the changes in the market and client expectations.

8. Fixed fee

Unlike other REPS, we charge a fixed fee. We believe that charging otherwise a fee in the form of a percentage of the purchase price represents a notable conflict of interest that may interfere with the price negotiation on behalf of the Buyer. We require the Buyer to pay the fee in three parts: the first upon signature of the contract of REPS, the second at the signature of the down-payment contract, and the rest at the moment of the signature of the purchase deeds, when the Buyer takes ownership of the property.

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