Thinking about purchasing a cheaper property in need of renovations?

Looking for a solution to buy a home you can tailor to your personal taste and wishes?

Dreaming of owning a historical as well as modern property in a city known for its unique architecture and culture?

How do we work?

In the context of our company Fourteen Global Services, we have offered services of renovation or construction for the past 10 years to our agency clients, other private owners but also to professional investors (e.g. portfolio of properties for flips or rentals) and businesses (e.g. shops).

Strong from our long and diverse experience, we propose all types of renovations, partial or total, in the area of Barcelona. We can further argue a specialization in the rehabilitation of historic properties, such as a vast knowledge in recovering original features (e.g. vaulted ceilings, hydraulic floors, stone walls, centuries-old carpentry, etc.), in order to, not only preserve the historical value of your property, often typical of the Barcelona heritage, but also to enhance its charm and value

Acting as Project Manager of the renovation, we recruit, negotiate and supervise the works on your behalf, thus minimizing contacts and efforts to the minimum. You mostly deal with us and, only when it is indispensable or recommended, with other professionals, such as in designing your personal plan with an architect. We propose the options of different contractors, make sure that the elected ones are the most adequate for your project, and, from then on, that all steps proceed smoothly, in a timely fashion, and in accordance to all the details of your expectations.

From a long experience in design, combined with our extensive understanding of historical features, when present, you will also benefit from our advice in your options of renovation and choices of installations. 

Together with our partners, we can also provide expertise and pre-negotiated support costs in navigating and completing the various administration processes needed by your project. You will only be involved to the extent that you prefer. 

Finally, we can manage projects for any international client, who does not reside in Barcelona or prefers to be hands-off, as demonstrated in many of such projects that we performed in the past, and as reflected in our Testimonials

We are here to help you, starting with accompanying you to assess the selected property or analyzing the idea of investment with you before the purchase. 

By visiting the property, we can: 

  • Identify possible issues and limitations that would make your renovation project more complex, longer, and more expensive;
  • Suggest possible redistribution options according to the situation of its walls and the environment of the building;
  • Provide you with an early estimate of your renovation options and related costs, which is something you may be able to exploit at the time of negotiating the purchase price of the property

Shall you be interested, by one or several of our services, please, get in touch with us and get a quote for the inspection

Shall you later elect our team for the renovation of your property, you will benefit from a discount equal to the full amount of this fee. 

Here, you can see a sample gallery of some of the renovation projects that we have carried out.

Daniela Gnecchi
  • Daniela Gnecchi

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